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Thesis to be provided

Published on 25 September 2015



Multi-nuclear NMR Spectroscopy and Imaging at very high magnetic field


NMR 13C Spectroscopy at very high magnetic field: study of the metabolic coupling between brain energy synthesis and neurotransmission


Development and evaluation of a contrast agents and radioligands to detect Alzheimer’s disease by MRI: Gadolinium staining andnanobodies targeting amyloid beta, tau proteins and neuroinflammation.


​Development of a new animal model of Alzheimer's disease: Multidisciplinary evaluation by histology, biochemistry, PET and MRI imaging and therapeutic approaches


​Neuronal Circuits of Compulsive Behaviors: Insights from Cellular fMRI


[18F] Fludarabine for lymphoma PET imaging


​Development of new biomarkers of brain plasticity and learning in Humans based on multifractal time dynamics and fonctional connectivity in MEG and fMRI.


​Physically plausible compressed sensing for high resolution MRI at 7 Tesla in Humans


Study of striatal markers in Huntington's disease pathogenesis


Optimizing 3D analysis of microscopy data using high performance computing (HPC)


​Study of the toxicity and interaction of psychoactive molecules on brain functions: assessing the role of TSPO in neurodegenerative and neuroregenerative processes induced by ecstasy exposure.


​Contribution of astrocyte-neuron interactions in memory impairments in Alzheimer Disease


Combining ultrasound-induced blood-brain barrier opening under MRI guidance with paramagnetic functionalized contrast agents for molecular imaging of amyloidosis in rodent models of Alzheimer's disease


​Imaging of gene therapy by ligands of aptamères


​Architecture and development of the astroglial network in normal and pathological conditions


​Etude neuroanatomique du trouble bipolaire (french)